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Marcus Rashford's Amazing Gift

England forward's reward for young Teddy's amazing kindness

2 July 2021

Sometimes a story reaches us that we feel deserves a wider audience.

Back in December Oxford United kitman Jonny Edmunds came in to the Training Ground with a collection of Christmas decorations that his son Teddy,6, had made.

Players and staff, as well as Teddy’s friends and family, bought the decorations and paper chains and Teddy sent the proceeds, almost £200, to the Marcus Rashford Foundation.

Let dad Jonny take up the story…

‘Teddy had seen Marcus on the TV and suddenly said ’I want to help too’. So after a couple of trips to the craft shop and a lot of hard work from him we sent off the money and were very proud of our son for wanting to do that.

‘Then on Monday I got home from a busy day - the new training kit had arrived and I’d been busy sorting that out for pre-season. There was an enormous parcel waiting for Teddy. We couldn’t work out what it was but he tore away a corner of the box and we couldn’t believe it: he had been sent a PlayStation 5 and the latest copy of Pro Evolution Soccer.

‘There was a note inside too, from Marcus Rashford:

“We are not kind to be noticed. We are kind because it’s the right thing to do. It feels good to help others… every time you look at this gift remember how good it feels to look out for others.”

‘It’s an amazing gesture and totally unexpected. Just a signed letter would have made Teddy’s day so you can imagine how emotional we all were.

'It’s a wonderful thing that Marcus did, something that a young football fan is never ever going to forget.’

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