Oxford United Supporters Panel


The Oxford United Supporters’ Panel exists to ensure regular structured dialogue between Oxford United Football Club and its fanbase to improve both the club and supporters’ experience.

The Panel is formed from representatives of independent supporters’ groups of Oxford
United and elected individual supporters in order to facilitate dialogue between the club and its supporters on matters of mutual interest.

The Panel is a consultative body and as such cannot take decisions which are binding on the club.

Where appropriate a poll of the panel’s views may be taken to inform debate and
assist the club in understanding supporter views.

The Panel consists of up to nine representatives, one of whom is nominated by the OxVox committee, and up to eight nominated by supporters.

The panel can be contacted via:

OUSP Members 2024/25

Grace Bailey:

Grace is 29 years old and lives in South Oxfordshire. Grace is proud to be the #HerGameToo ambassador for Oxford United, working with #HerGameToo, OUSP, and the club to raise awareness of the campaign, and make the club more welcoming to women. 

Grace is recovering well from long-term health issues and understands how debilitating chronic conditions can be. She knows how important it is for football to be accessible to all, including those with hidden disabilities. 

Grace can usually be found on matchdays talking to fans in and around the South Stand Lower. 

Pete Chilton:

Pete has supported the club for over 47 years. Passionate and enthusiastic with a genuine desire to make things better for everyone, Pete believes now is the ideal time to help make a positive difference. 

Pete particularly wants to represent the older generation of supporters; those who have followed the club for a long time and may not always be fully engaged with the modern methods of communication such as social media. You'll find Pete in the East Stand. 

Pete Green:

Pete has supported Oxford United for 40 years. Today he juggles supporting United around work and family life, and now shares that passion with his kids who are becoming the next generation of fans. He has also been part of the team of matchday volunteers working to make the experience of all fans at games a special one. 

Pete has been part of OUSP for a few years now and hopes to continue to build links with our current fanbase while looking to attract even more into the Oxford United family here - and hopefully into our new stadium. 

Andrew Holding:

Born in Oxford in 1971 and now living in Wantage, Andy has been a fan of Oxford United since 1986 when we won the Milk Cup. Nowadays you'll find him in the East or South Stand. 

Andy is eager to make the fan experience better where possible in all areas from ticketing, matchday build up, entertainment before and after matches, and travel to and from the stadium. He is especially keen to promote carpooling to and from matches to reduce travel costs for fans, as well as congestion and parking issues around the stadium. He is an active Oxford County Council transport representative for Grove Parish Council. 

Matthew O’Donoghue:

Matthew is a devoted supporter, attending home and many away matches. For his degree he studied fan identity and sense of belonging among Oxford United supporters. 

Matthew believes that by working hand in hand with fellow panel members, the club's management, and our passionate fanbase we can chart a path towards an even brighter future for Oxford United. He wants to ensure that fans' thoughts, ideas, and concerns are given the attention they deserve.

Matthew continues to represent supporters who are under 25/students and or sit in the East Stand. 

Paul Scaysbrook:

Paul has supported Oxford United since 1980. He joined OUSP three years ago; for most of this period he has been OUSP's Chair. Paul is a wheelchair user, having been disabled since birth. 

Paul works to get fully inclusive facilities for all disabled supporters. With the new stadium project, he challenges the club on its promise that the stadium will be market leading and truly inclusive. He aims to ensure that all aspects of disability are considered so that all disabled supporters have the same opportunity to experience football as any other football supporter would. 

Ohad Green:

Oxford United has became an integral part of Ohad's life since he arrived in Oxford from abroad sevens years ago. He fell in love with the club and its history. 

As foreigners, he feels that Oxford United is more than a football club. It is something that connects his family to the city, and serves as a constant reason to remain in Oxford and in this country. From his personal experience, he hopes to represent this growing group of new supporters. 

Ohad brings experience in user engagement and community involvement. He often attends matches with his daughter, and last season, they graduated from the North Stand to the East. 

Janine Bailey:

Brought up in Oxford, a United fan since her teens, Janine's first job was selling 50/50 tickets in Beech Road and the Manor Club. 

She has been secretary of OUSP for the last three years, over which time she has worked hard to get fans views heard by the club and our wider community. She believes that good communication between the club and our supporters is really important, and is keen to further improve this area. 

You will find Janine in the South Stand Lower on matchdays.