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Oxford United and Bristol Rovers United

Both teams side by side ahead of the match

10 February 2021

Oxford United and Bristol Rovers were side by side last night as both teams took to the knee around the centre circle.

Rather than doing so in their own halves the two teams were alongside each other before the game kicked off, and the message from boss Karl Robinson could not be clearer:

“I spoke to their staff before and the two clubs wanted to send a message together. This game is the best game in the World. It brings people together from everywhere, all types of people. Go anywhere in the world, put a football down and people know what to do with it. It is such a special game.

"I was sickened by a situation that Ian Wright faced a few days ago and the way social media is becoming a platform for idiots. What Mark Little has had to experience over the last few days is something I am never going to have to face - I have been called a few things but can’t even begin to understand the impact things like that can have on other people and their mental health.

“Sometimes taking the knee is just a tick in the box and we just felt that today it wasn’t enough. We wanted to be side by side, two clubs in unity because racism is just not accepted either within our industry or by those who watch it.

“We just thought it was a little bit different. If it makes just a handful of people think just that little bit more about what they say and what they tweet then that can have a huge impact on so many other people’s mental health.”

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