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John Mousinho Donates Brain for Concussion Legacy Project

U's defender works with the PFA to help medical research

24 September 2021

Club Captain John Mousinho is to support Concussion Legacy Project's 'brain bank' by pledging to donate his  brain as part of a new initiative backed by the Jeff Astle Foundation.

The partnership with Concussion Legacy Foundation UK will research Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and other consequences of brain trauma in athletes and military veterans in the United Kingdom.

John told us:

“I have been very moved by the stories connecting brain trauma and our sport and if we can do anything to help research the subject then I am all in favour. I was approached about donating my brain, and I was reassured to find out it’s after I die! That’s a big decision so I went home and talked it through with my wife and decided to do it.

"The PFA are working closely with the Jeff Astle Foundation and looking at the connection between dementia, concussion and heading the ball repeatedly.

 “I’ve had a fantastic career and enjoyed every minute but I have headed the ball a lot and had one or two concussions along the way. It’s morbid but in order to research it fully you need a brain because scans can be inconclusive. So with the PFA and CLF’s connection I’m pleased to help, hopefully still a few years down the line!”

Dawn Astle, speaking on behalf of The Jeff Astle Foundation said

"Brain donation is the most valuable gift of all for future generations of footballers. It may be many years before this jigsaw is complete but adding each piece, one at a time is the only way we will understand the true picture and make a better future for others.

"The Jeff Astle Foundation encourages families of athletes and veterans to donate the brain of their loved one to the Concussion Legacy Project at"

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