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Tiger Answers Fan Questions

Chairman answers fans on BBC Oxford Sport phone in

22 July 2020

Chairman Sumrith 'Tiger' Thanakarnjanasuthhas been answering fan questions on a special Fans Forum with our friends at BBC Oxford Sport.

You can hear the whole thing HERE but we have had a few people asking us similar questions so here are some of the highlights:
Simple one, really: Is Karl Robinson happy and is he going to stay?
And a simple answer. NOBODY is happy right now even one week after we lost to Wycombe. That game was so painful for all of us and even now it hurts us all. I watched the highlights back five or six times and my wife told me I had to stop watching and move on! I think it was worse because there was such a build up and so much concentration on those play-off games but we have to use that sadness and bounce back.
I heard Karl say that he was sorry he let the fans down but he has nothing to be sorry for: it was a fantastic season and a great effort and we should all be proud of our football club.
And is Karl going to stay? I know why people ask that question and I think it is because Karl is so open and so honest. He looked so hurt after Wembley, but he was unhappy about that one game, he is not unhappy at Oxford.
We have spoken a lot, we have had recruitment and planning meetings and Karl is a central part of everything we do. We are working together and he knows that the Board are going to back him. 100 percent. We started something good here and nothing changed: we still want to work with Karl and we still believe we can win promotion together.
What are your expectations on timeframe to secure KR and from them move on to sign players
That’s a similar question really. We don’t need to ‘secure’ Karl, he has a long term contract and is very happy with the club and knows we will support him in everything he wants here. So there is no timeframe for that really.
But signing players is the big thing and time is short this summer. We have an amazing recruitment team headed by Mark Thomas and we had meetings - a lot of meetings- about new players. We are close to two or three already and we would like to bring them in quickly because this is the shortest summer ever and we think the players will report back in just three weeks!
Will the board be able to build a squad to challenge again this season or will we be relying on free transfers and loans?
We will build a squad to challenge again. Karl knows that and it is important that fans know it as well so let me spell it out:
 The Board is truly committed to building not just a great team but also a great club.
But recruitment is about using all your resources as well so it may be that we spend on players but we also use the loan market well and of course if a good player is released from another club and we think he will do well here then we will be interested.
Football has changed because of coronavirus and there will be a lot of good players out there right now trying to find a club. We will look at all our options and don’t forget we also have our Academy where a lot of very good young players will be coming through over the next few years.
Karl will have a good budget and we will bring in the right players, wherever they are from. Potential is a good word for who we want to attract but can I also say that we have to balance that. You also need older more experienced players like Mous and James Henry around.
Other questions were asked about potential sales, salary caps and the Stadium situation. Hear it all right HERE

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