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Military Day Draws Closer

16 November 2016

4 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps Football Team Profiles

This weekend sees Oxford United take on Coventry City for Military Day,  with a host of different activities around the ground before kick off

We are showcasing some of the people who will be around the ground on Saturday and asked 4 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps what they would like to tell people. They chose to do so in the form of the traditional programme  'pen pics'...

   Jez Jeremiah - Warrant Officer Class 2 
  Position: Retired Goalkeeper now Manager of 4 Regiment RLC 
   DOB: 04/02/71 
   Team you support: Arsenal and Oxford United (Obviously) 
   Job: Assistant Regimental Careers and Management Officer 
   Joined the Army: 05/03/94 
   Reason for Joining the Army: Watched too much “Soldier, Soldier” and thought I’d give it a bash, the rest is history. 
   Best part of the Army so far: All of it, yes there are bad times but these are much outweighed by the good times, I have been lucky to see a lot of the World through Operations and Football tours, but      unfortunately all good things come to an end and I am due to leave the job I love in 15 months’ time. 

 Benjamin Branton - Lance Corporal 
 Position: Right Midfield 
 DOB: 16/05/92 
 Team you support: Liverpool 
 Job: Logistic Supply Specialist 
 Joined the Army: 01/11/10 
 Reason for Joining the Army: I wanted the opportunity to travel around the World. 
 Best part of the Army so far: I was very proud to receive an Operation medal in front of my family after an arduous tour. I have also completed 10 months in the Falkland Islands working in distribution warehouse and I was successful to promote from that tour too. 

 Danny Morgan - Lance Corporal 
 Position: Right Back 

 DOB: 05/04/92 

 Team you support: Grimsby Town 

 Job: Driver 

 Joined the Army: 21/01/13 

 Reason for Joining the Army: I felt that the Army could provide me better Career opportunities. 

 Best part of the Army so far: I have been fortunate to visit Nepal on an expedition where I went 3 weeks trekking, I have also been lucky enough to deploy on Exercise to Canada, Latvia and Lithuania. 
 Brad Trowbridge - Lance Corporal 
 Position: Centre Back 
 DOB: 12/10/90 
 Team you support: Man United 
 Job: Driver 
 Joined the Army: 14/11/11 
 Reason for Joining the Army: I joined the Army for the opportunity to travel the World. 
 Best part of the Army so far: I have been fortunate to go to Cyprus, Holland and Germany on a few football tours and I have also deployed to Poland and Canada where I completed some Alpine mountaineering,  climbing 3 different mountains in 7 days. 

 Tony Routledge - Private 
 Position: Left Back 
 DOB: 27/10/92 
 Team you support: Newcastle United 
 Job: Driver 
 Joined the Army: 23/07/12 
  Reason for Joining the Army: I have family members who have served in the Army and wanted to follow in their footsteps. 
 Best part of the Army so far: I have been lucky to deploy to Canada on Exercise where I managed to get away and do some Adventure Training like Skiing and parachuting. I also love the fact that I get to play  football during work time and represent the Regiment. 

 Benjamin Jukic - Private 
 Position: Striker 
 DOB: 01/08/91 
 Team you support: Middlesbrough 
 Job: Driver 
 Joined the Army: First time 03/08/09 until 11/12/14 and re-joined 11/07/16 
 Reason for Joining the Army: Enhance my Career and Sporting Opportunities; I left for a short period before re-joining as I couldn’t settle as a civilian as I missed the close knit family attitude of the Army and opportunities it gives you. 
 Best part of the Army so far: I was immensely proud to receive an Operation medal in front of my close friends and family. I have been fortunate to deploy to Jordon on a couple of occasions for training, I have  also been skiing in Germany. 
The team will be part of the Military Day this Saturday, so be sure to keep an eye out and feel free to have a chat with them about life in the armed forces.

Tickets are available for the game from and 01865 337533

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