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The Big Question: Fastest Player?

13 October 2015

Join the debate: who was United's fastest-ever player?

They say that pace is every defender's nightmare and over the years Oxford United have been blessed with some very quick players, but who was the fastest of them all?

Chris Hackett is an obvious contender, being a former Oxfordshire sprint champion, but would he have beaten Manny Omoyinmi in a race? How about Chris Allen or even Damian Batt or Liam Davis, all of whom could pick up a fair head of steam once they got going? Mark Rawle and JP Pittman were both incredibly pacy, or what about the little-seen but lightning fast Ashley Cain?

Going further back, Colin 'Flash' Harrington was so quick that when he was driving down the slope at the Manor they had to open the gate to let him through because he couldn't stop (allegedly), while George Lawrence and Gary Barnett could both skin a full back.

Who do you think was United's fastest player? Tweet your opinion using the hashtag #OUFCBigQ and we will publish the best responses in the Plymouth programme.

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