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Oxford United look to Make a Difference

26 March 2014

Positive Futures for Oxford United and Oxford City Council

Oxford United are pleased to announce they have teamed up with Oxford City Council’s Positive Futures to offer young people in the Blackbird Leys area sporting activities during the Easter, winter and summer holiday periods. The aim of the project is to raise aspirations for young people aged 8-19 pathways whilst reducing Anti-Social Behaviour in the Blackbird Leys area.

Oxford United identified that in 2013 there were 2.6 million recorded instances of antisocial behaviour in England and Wales for people aged 12-19 and this accounted for over 40% of all crime. We also understand in the past 6 months the Blackbird Leys Safer Neighbourhood team received over 300 calls regarding anti-social behaviour.

The project sees Oxford United working alongside Thames Valley Police and the Ozone Leisure Park and will be open to three age groups 8-11 year olds, 12-15 year olds and 16-19 year olds. The project will begin in the Easter holidays 2014 and will involve player ambassadors such as Michael Raynes who was involved in the process of setting up the partnership.

Community Development Manager Rob Lees stated:

“This project is very exciting we will give young people in Blackbird Leys something constructive to do during the holidays and it gives Oxford United the opportunity to strengthen links within the Blackbird Leys community”. 

Not only will Oxford United offer sporting activities but the project involves offering young people the chance to gain valuable experience and develop different skills to help them through many walks of life. Marketing Manager Gerald Kelly was involved in the setting up the partnership and believes Oxford United can make a real difference to the community. He said

 “We believe it is important to engage these young people within our football club, with the aim of raising confidence and aspirations. We will give these young people access to the wide range of roles at the club with the aim of getting young people to understand how a football club runs.”

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