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Oxford United Football Club is committed to providing a positive, inclusive experience of young people who come into contact with the OUFC Family.

“Oxford United Football Club is committed to safeguarding and promoting welfare of young people and adults at risk and expects all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment.

A child centred approach is fundamental to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every child.  OUFC’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Safeguarding Adults At Risk Policy are linked to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable groups.  In combination with our other safeguarding policies we provide robust safeguarding procedures for everyone involved in delivering our activities”.

Niall McWilliams SENIOR SAFEGUARDING MANAGER, on behalf of the OUFC board of directors.

OUFC Safeguarding Contacts:

Designated Safeguarding Officer –

Senior Safeguarding Manager – Andy Taylor –

External Useful Contacts:


FA –

If a child or adult at risk is in immediate danger call the Police: 999

Yellows Together- Our Safeguarding Strategy

Keeping us all safe is a basic fundamental of any successful club. At Oxford United we take this responsibility seriously with the aim of all the yellows working together to provide that safe place to be whether that be as a fan at the Kassam, as a player at any level or a member of staff.

This strategy is underpinned by our 5 standards that are used to help ensure our yellows together safeguarding strategy is as successful as it can be. Our 5 standards are: Leadership and Governance, Policies and Procedures, Protecting and Supporting, Open Culture and Educating, Developing and Empowering.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility:

Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe no matter who they are or what their circumstances. Safeguarding is about the promotion of safe and positive experiences which enable people to thrive and taking action that to prevent and protect people from harm.

Standard 1: Leadership and Governance:

Our aim is to have safeguarding embedded as a core factor within Oxford United at all levels and in all departments.

We will:

· Further establish an experienced safeguarding team that will promote a safe culture across the club.

· Ensure that an appropriate safeguarding training plan is in place and implemented.

· Appoint a well-qualified external adviser who will act as a critical friend.

· Ensure that safeguarding falls under the yellows together strategy.

· Ensure that there is a distributed model of safeguarding leadership across the club.

By succeeding in this standard, you will see:

· An even more visible safeguarding team including a higher profile at weekly training.

· Visible Safeguarding Stewards on a match day who are appropriately trained.

· All programmes continue to be run with safer working practices in mind.

Standard 2: Policy and Procedure:

Our aim is to ensure that our policies and procedures reflect the highest standard of practice.

We will:

· Assess the current policies and procedures we have in place against all relevant national and local policies.

· Continue to work closely with the LADO team at Oxfordshire County Council to quality assure our policies and procedures.

· Create documents that have versions which are open and accessible to all.

By succeeding in this standard you will see:

· A set of documents that support and consistently reflect both the national and local picture in relation to safeguarding.

· A series of training, briefing and learning opportunities that ensure all policies are clearly communicated.

Standard 3: Educating and Developing

Our aim is to ensure that everyone understands and feels able to play their part in our safeguarding strategy with the appropriate training in place.

We will:

· Develop a clear and accessible training plan for all areas of Oxford United Football Club.

· Gather insights and feedback from all stakeholders about awareness and understanding of safeguarding.

· Run awareness training sessions to ensure all members of our club how to access support and how to share safeguarding concerns.

By succeeding in this standard you will see:

· An increase in the frequency of safeguarding training for all.

· A higher level of feedback gained from all stakeholders.

· An increase in the number of staff trained with specialist expertise in safeguarding.

Standard 4: Protecting and Supporting:

Our aim is to create the safest possible environment for everyone to enjoy being part of Oxford United we want to be “yellows together”.

We will:

· Support the development and implementation of a mental health and well-being strategy.

· Recruit appropriate and suitable individuals to all roles both paid and voluntary

· Ensure that all individuals can access safeguarding support through training and the provision of signposting to internal and external sources of information.

By succeeding in this standard you will see:

· A clear mental health and well-being strategy supporting individuals within our club.

· A rigorous safer recruitment process being applied consistently.

Standard 5: Open Culture

Our aim is to have a fully embedded safeguarding mindset which includes an open, honest and transparent culture.

We will:

· Fully review and explore the learning from all concerns and views arising from our organisation to ensure that we continue to build a positive and safe environment.

· Engage with partners including Oxfordshire County Council LADO team.

· Continue to seek and act on guidance from the EFL and Premier League, FA and the County FA.

· Appoint an external support and challenge partners who will help ensure our practices are of the highest standards.

By succeeding in this standard, you will see:

· Staff who have been appropriately trained and who are able to share concerns and report safeguarding issues.

· External partners who we are aware of what we are doing to safeguard all people in our organisation.

· External experts who contribute to the development of our strategy and hold us to account.

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