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Parachute Regiment

You’re part of a highly mobile, hard-hitting combat force. Helicopters and other aircraft get you close to the action, and you have the skills you need to drop in by parachute. Backed up by other combat units and resupplied by ground and air, you and your unit have the support you need to succeed.
Meet the Paras
“In the Paras you need to be fit, professional and prepared. We are always ready to go on the most demanding operations, and we’re successful because we have a strong ethos that ensures success. We’re often the first unit into hostile places, and in those kinds of areas you need people who you can rely on. The spirit amongst us is fantastic.”
Skills you'll learn
You have a specialist role in your team: machine gunner, sharpshooter, combat medic or rifleman. Mastering these skills is down to you. You learn to work with your team to defeat the enemy, often in challenging environments. When you qualify as a parachutist you get extra pay. Later on you get more responsibility and learn new skills, including how to manage larger teams and use your equipment in high-pressure situations. You become confident and fit, and pick up life skills that will help you in the future.
Qualifications you can get
Driving Licences
BTEC Level 2 certificate – ‘Relief Operations Skills’
ILM Team Leading Award
NVQ Level 2 Public Service
Public Services Apprenticeships in Security, Communications, Engineering, Carry and Deliver Goods, or Storage and Warehousing
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