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Grenadier Guards

 About the role

As part of the Army’s front-line force you get involved in everything from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full-scale war. You won’t be on your own, though – you’re supported on the battlefield by some of the Army’s most skilled soldiers. You also perform in high-profile public events and guard some of Britain’s most important people.

Lance Corporal Francis

“James is a Guardsman in the British Army. His job involves two roles - reconnaissance soldier where he is required to go forward and gain information and intelligence on the enemy and report back. His second role involves carrying out ceremonial duty for the Queen outside Buckingham Palace and Windsor. ”

You have a specialist role: machine gunner, sharpshooter, combat medic or rifleman. Mastering these skills is down to you. You learn to work with your team to defeat the enemy, often in challenging environments. You also take part in parades in front of thousands of people. Later on you get more responsibility and learn new skills, including how to manage larger teams and use your equipment in high-pressure situations. You become confident and fit, and pick up life skills that will help you in the future.


  • Variety of driving licences
  • Institute of Leadership & Management Team Leading Award
  • Public Services Apprenticeships in Security, Communications, Engineering, Carry and Deliver Goods, and Storage and Warehousing
  • BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Relief Operations Skills
  • NVQ Level 2 Public Service
  • Parachuting

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